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About Our Business
Spring Creek Farms:

  • Is a grass-based certified organic dairy farm with 140 head milking.
  • Has been certified organic since August 1999.  
  • Has applied no chemicals since 1991.
  • Is managed as rotational pasture which enhances beneficial biological
    soil life.  
  • Our cows are Jersey, Ayshire and Holstein breeds raised entirely on
    pasture from birth to present.  Producing milk rich in protein, butterfat,
    Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA's.
  • Herd is moved every 12 hours to optimize their feed quality.
  • Our milk is tested regularly for bacteria and meets the same standards
    as pasteurized milk.
  • All cows have been tested negative for brucellosis and tuberculosis.
  • We raise about 400 chickens for meat and 200 laying hens on
    pasture.  Our chickens get moved every day to fresh grass.
Click here to view the article: Meet the Farmer: Forrest Stricker published by The Reading Eagle, November 21, 2010.
"I believe farming is my
calling, and I love being a
grass farmer.  I have seen
the soil organic matter go
from two percent while I
was row cropping in 1990
to six percent in 2007
through management
intensive grazing."
Our beef and dairy
products are 100%